Update On 1 Seddon Street Building Project

September 18, 2018

We have now been granted Resource Consent to build five units on the land next to St. David’s and the Building Consent application has just been lodged with the Council. This means that hopefully we will be in a position to begin building in late 2018.

While the consent application is with the Council, the two main issues we are working on are:

Raising of funds

The total project cost is around $1.1m. That’s a lot of dosh! We currently have $170,000 of this, but we’re looking to raise another $230,000 through donations. The remaining monies are expected to be covered by a loan/mortgage through Christian Savings, though this is yet to be confirmed.

If you would like to contribute to the project (all sizes of gifts appreciated) please contact Wayne. Any donations are tax deductible.

Pricing and enlisting contractors

Now that Ian has finished the working drawings, we can now get prices and quotes from suppliers and trades, for the work. We are hopeful that our main tradies and suppliers will be supportive of the charitable goals of the build.

The design

Below is a basic floor plan of the five units – two will be 2 bedrooms and the other three will be 1 bedrooms.

If you would like further information on the project, please contact Wayne on 022 3122973 or by email: wayne@signpost.org.nz

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