Neighbourhood Engagement

June 12, 2019
Palm Sunday 2017: we moved onto the vacant Housing NZ land opposite St David's to draw attention to the housing issue. As we can see - that land is no longer empty. The whole housing chapter began, and was sustained, by Jesus through prayer. When God leads us, amazing things can happen!

God loves Naenae!

St David's began again almost from scratch in 2013.

In taking over the church, we have tried to instil a new culture - one that teaches and demonstrates three key aspects of how we live the Christian life (in a nutshell):

  1. Love God first (a passionate personal relationship with our Loving God)
  2. Love each other the way Christ loves us (intentionally building community with other believers to nurture and encourage our faith)
  3. Love our neighbour as ourselves (to engage our neighbourhood/workplaces with the transformative love of God)

We've clearly expressed these aspects in numerous ways thus far. At this time, God seems to be placing some other key issues/opportunities on our hearts.

So, on Sunday 22 May, we had a gathering of interested parties to talk about some of these.

Three specific interests were discussed at the meeting, each of which have been pursued further.

These are:

1. Naenae Beautification/Restoration/Climate Change response.

In St David's, there is real interest in replanting native trees, restoring waterways and beautifying Naenae.

We agreed it would be wonderful to partner with the Naenae Nature Trust who are already involved in the area.

This could well be a great 4th Sunday involvement for many, if not all of us. Josh McLennan has kindly agreed to be the go-to person for this important issue. Josh will keep us up to date with opportunities and ideas.

Contact Josh on 027 630 7056.

2. Engagement with bicultural issue as Christians.

This is a crucial  issue that many individuals, and this Diocese, are grappling with. Libby Wilson is launching a book club to discuss Jay Ruka's book 'Huia Come Home' this Thursday, 13 June, 7.30pm @ 55 Totara st, to stimulate responses to this issue.

Contact Libby on 027 705 2106.

3. A Response to the Hillary Court situation.

For some time, several of us have been praying and talking about a response to the homeless and those sheltered in emergency accommodation who gather in Hillary Court.

We have been looking at whether St David's might set up a prayerful and practical presence in Hillary Court that might become a safe place for many of the folks so far un-catered for by other community services locally. We have talked with a range of significant parties about this, including: Hutt City Council (including Mayor and City Councillors), Oasis Emergency Accomodation, Team Naenae, Naenae residents Association, Police, The Free Store, and DCM.

Since last month's Church meeting, a number of people have expressed real interest in being part of this kind of concept. Furthermore, we have been offered a place rent-free by Cr Lisa Bridson!

So - if you have questions, or want to input into the idea - please come to our meeting about this initiative Monday 17 June, 7.45pm @ Robinsons (9 Bertram Grove, Naenae).

Contact Martin on 027 212 4200.


A real [nice] great one

"Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you and pray to the Lord on it's behalf, for in it's peace you will find your own."
- Jeremiah 29:7

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