Blessing of Units at 1 Seddon St

June 2, 2019

Last Sunday was the blessing of the newly finished units at 1 Seddon St, and what great time it was.

1 Seddon St

Lots of contributors and supporters turned up for the 2pm blessing, which started with a couple of songs and prayers.

We made our way down the drive of the five new units, to the spacious parking at the back for some context and thanks messages.

We all split up in to groups to bless the individual units with water and prayer.

The hard work was acknowledged from many quarters, and a special trophy was re-discovered in the St David's safe-vault to recognise outstanding contributions to the community. Wayne was chosen to receive this trophy for the first time since 1958(or there abouts), Jill was recognised for this last year, but minus the silverware. At least she can enjoy it with Wayne for the rest of the year ;)

Kai and conversation followed in the Church hall next door.

The Saturday before was a morning of cleaning and tidying of the Church, hall and units by a welcome number of able bodies, along with some hard work on the Sunday morning before the blessing also.  Thanks to all the team, and especially Wayne and Jill for coordinating so much of it.

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