Matariki Stellar Evening!!

July 31, 2018

Soup, Bread and Stars were the order of the evening

A great night was had by everyone who braved the cold shift in the weather on Sunday night just passed.

After a beautifully warm day, the chill of the evening was combatted with warm soup, a hot brazier and sparklers. 

There were colouring in activities including stars and feathers, and flashing Christmas lights around the hall, giving a strangely mid-Christmas feel to the gathering.

Hannah DC read a cracking good Matariki story, with rapt attention from listeners of all ages. We were all treated to a special Matariki song, sung by the lovely twins of St. D's :)

Matariki revellers were treated to five different flavours of pumpkin soup and one of carrot and lentil soup. All different and delicious!

Brazier fun

A big thank you Melody and others for the organisation, set-up and clean up of such a wonderful time together.

Dunwoody sparklers
Sparkler excitement
Sparkler cool
Star in hand
Little stars

I received specific feedback from the community how good it was to have such open events like that for the St. D's and wider community.

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